Recycling News

Despite the popularity of curbside programs, many consumers don’t know the fundamentals of recycling: single-stream vs. multi-stream, the “three Rs” of waste management, or even which items can and cannot be recovered. Click here for more information on the basics of consumer recycling.

  • Posted March 30, 2023

Recycle Right Pilot Program in Roanoke

In October 2022, Roanoak City launched Recycle Right. This program helps educate the community on how to recycle correctly. In the beginning, only 26% of bins were done correctly, and by December 2022 49% were done correctly. 

Recycling News

Many commercial and industrial by-products—from coal combustion residuals to foundry slag to manufacturing scrap—have economic and environmental value that can and should be harnessed via their collection and reuse. Click here to learn about commercial and industrial reclamation efforts.

  • Posted March 23, 2023

The Zero-Carbon Craze

“Personally, I choose to take a more pragmatic view of the zero-carbon effort. Yes, we all want to reduce the levels of emissions that impact human health negatively. It is well known that the U.S. has done a great deal to address emissions levels”, says Thomas Adams, ACAA Executive Director. 
  • Posted March 13, 2023

The W Philadelphia Hotel

As of 2018, this hotel was the largest concrete structure in Philadelphia’s history. It has a nine-foot-thick foundation that covers 20,000 square feet, instead of slag or silica being used, they were able to use Fly Ash

Renewable Technology
Recycling News

Solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles—all commonly touted for delivering “clean” power with little environmental impact—contain toxic and/or economically valuable materials that should be disposed of or recovered after the product’s life. Click here to discover more about renewable technologies recycling.

  • Posted March 30, 2023

Solar Panel Sustainability

@AZoCleantech reports, The Solar Industry is under some heat over the disposal of 80 million panels. However removing panel frames, glass covers, and solar connectors, before disposing of them could help reduce waste
  • Posted March 13, 2023

Whirlpool Wind Farm

@whirlpool has made progress towards its sustainability goals with its wind energy project. A ribbon-cutting ceremony for their Texas wind farm happened this week, with the help of this wind farm, they are closer to their goal of zero emissions by 2030.