Recycling News

Despite the popularity of curbside programs, many consumers don’t know the fundamentals of recycling: single-stream vs. multi-stream, the “three Rs” of waste management, or even which items can and cannot be recovered. Click here for more information on the basics of consumer recycling.

  • Posted May 25, 2023

Plastic Bag Recycling

@ABC placed trackers in numerous plastic bags and dropped them in plastic bag recycling bins at local shopping centers. Unfortunately, many of these trackers ended up in landfills versus recycling centers.
  • Posted May 24, 2023

Are your clothes sustainable?

Steps taken towards making the fashion industry sustainable aren’t as straightforward as they may look, some companies are promoting using recycled polyester. @WIRED explains the use of recycled polyester and other attempts at sustainability.

Recycling News

Many commercial and industrial by-products—from coal combustion residuals to foundry slag to manufacturing scrap—have economic and environmental value that can and should be harnessed via their collection and reuse. Click here to learn about commercial and industrial reclamation efforts.

Renewable Technology
Recycling News

Solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles—all commonly touted for delivering “clean” power with little environmental impact—contain toxic and/or economically valuable materials that should be disposed of or recovered after the product’s life. Click here to discover more about renewable technologies recycling.

  • Posted May 30, 2023

Wind Turbine Recycling

@Vestas announced they have found a way to recycle all wind turbines, including ones that are already in the landfill. They will be using new technology separating carbon fiber from the resin.
  • Posted May 25, 2023

Battery Swapping in Electric Vehicles

Ample, a start-up company, presented a fully functional prototype of an EV battery swap station. If this system works as planned, it could cut costs in building EV charging infrastructures.